Which One is better?

Aayush T

KF Rookie
You should try some small finance bank fd rate because there interest rate are very high
Like Equitas small finance bank give 9% fd for senior citizens and 8.50% for all citizens to 444 days....
1Year Fd Or 7 to 15 days FD With auto carry forward.. ?? Please Suggest me.
When deciding between short-term and long-term FDs, it's not always true that long term is more profitable. Consider Axis Bank as an example(Invested amount ₹1,00,000): with a 7-day investment at 3%, you get ₹8.29 per day, but a 15-month FD at 7.1% yields ₹19.45 per day. The significant difference underscores the importance of careful comparison. If you share your ideal time and amount, I can suggest a suitable FD.