Which Term insurance to choose between HDFC life and Max?


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Honestly both are decent, generally HDFC will have a little higher premium but also has more coverage in terms of add-ons, hospitals covered, etc.
I feel HDFC life is really good with the claims based on their claims ratio numbers from last 5 years. Don't buy Term policy till 75-80yrs buy only till the age, where your family is dependent on your income.
I have TATA AIA as it claims 4 hours settlement and free annual health checkup. HDFC is also good but comparatively its premium was high


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You should go with Max because it’s premium amount will be lesser when compared to HDFC. It’s claim settlement ratio also is one of the best in the industry.


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Honestly you can choose any health insurance whoever have rejection ratio less than 1%. Just go for this criteria and choose whichever is cheaper. Don't go brand wise because even if term insurance company will be closed in future , they're always backed by another term insurance companies as per IRDAI. So choose cheaper one in stead of choosing branded one.
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