Your Sahara Refund Story

I am wondering how many of us here are participating in the Sahara Refund process. Refund Portal was launched a few months back. How is the process going on for you?
In my case, well my oldies had invested in Sahara Co-operative Credit Society scheme. I did file for the refund in the portal with all the details double-checked along with a picture of the original deposit slip.
And.... (no need for drum rolls) they rejected the claim! Funny enough reason mentioned is - "Claimant/Depositor details not in the Sahara Society database or Not a member of the Society" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Does that even qualify as a valid reason? It's not even in my(or any depositors) control.
I hope the refund portal worked for someone here and it's not just a pre-election gimmick.


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