12% club?


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Is it safe to invest in 12% club?
Hi as a standard rule of thumb investing in P2P is risky. But the amount of risk varies from the platform to platform. As an example, if there is a platform where majority of borrowers are credit worth with very good scores, the risk will be low on this platform.

In theory CRED's MINT offers this promise, but very tough to verify if the claims are actually true.

P.S - This is not an investment advice


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its no more 12% from 1 or so month ago they were giving 12%
MobiKwik is similer you can give that a try
please do know there are risk involved in these kind of investment try to withdraw frequently and dont invest more then you are confortable losing
companys that provide these kind of services dont take any liability
P.S - This is not an investment advice
P2P platforms are always risky.

I haven't used the 12% club yet. Heard about Mobikwik XTRA (12%p.a.) and Mobikwik XTRA PLUS (12.99% p.a. with a minimum 3 months lock period)

Some platforms offer 'verified' corporate bonds that offer up to 10% or 11% p.a. They also have some risk but less as compared to P2P platforms. (not an investment advice)
Is it safe to invest in 12% club?
I have invested in this for more than a year now and the returns do arrive every day but I think I am getting less than 12% now. Earlier I used to get more but from 4-5 months I am getting around 9-10%. Also I have not invested in the 12% club app but in Bharatpe merchant app which owns 12% club too so it's basically the same. I wanted to invest more but for some reason it's not letting me do it, I checked someone else's bharatpe and they are able to invest in it but I can't. Also, earlier I could withdraw the money anytime instantly but now it takes upto 2 days.

If you want to invest in something like this, you may want to look at GripInvest (i have used it in the past and I believe the app itself is safe), now they also offer this kind of investments but it's a fixed investment there, means you will be receiving interest every month instead of every day and and you can't withdraw at anytime like other lets you do. It has a fixed tenure of around 12-24 months and also there is a minimum investment which currently ranges from 70k-120k. but these keeps changing as new options/companies are listed regularly, so if you can't find a good one for you, you can wait for new companies to list. also don't forget to check the risks involved which are written on the website itself and all the companies that are listed are rated by CRISIL or CARE or something else. Higher the risk, higher the interest.
Grip also offers corporate bonds which @gauravkukade mentioned.
Some platforms offer 'verified' corporate bonds that offer up to 10% or 11% p.a. They also have some risk but less as compared to P2P platforms. (not an investment advice)

If you want easier access to your money then go for 12% club or mobikwik. And if you want a slightly higher interest then go for GripInvest. there are risks involved in both of them but I think it's a lot safer than stocks in my opinion. Still do your own research as someone said "these investments are subject to market risks, read all the scheme related documents CAREFULLY".
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It is connected with NBFC. Before investing please read about how NBFC works in India.
You can get answer there.


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12% club is bit risky as it's P2P lending.
Last year I have invested 1 Lac aprox.
Interest which I recieved it's roughly 6-7%

MF is risky but atleast you can switch redeem or transfer.

12% club when you invest in lac there is always a problem like redeeming and all. Cibil Issue is addon with it.
They won't close credit line.