A small doubt regarding finance


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What are the financial terms I should know , given that I am looking for employment.
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Think of your assets as your business's piggy bank. They're the valuable things you own that can help you generate future profits, like your cash stash, inventory, office equipment, or even that fancy coffee machine.

Cash Flow Statement
Ever wonder where all your cash goes? A cash flow statement is like a financial detective, uncovering exactly that. It shows how your business made and spent money during a specific period, breaking it down into three categories:

Compound Interest
Imagine your money earning not just interest, but interest on its interest! That's the magic of compound interest. It's like a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger over time. This can help your savings grow exponentially, but watch out – it can also make your debt snowball!

Capital Gains
Think of capital gains as your assets getting a promotion. It's the increase in their value since you bought them. Sell your office building for more than you paid? That's a capital gain! But be careful, selling for less than you paid means a capital loss, ouch!

Equity is your claim to the business after all the debts are paid. It's like the money that truly belongs to you, the shareholders. Think of it as your slice of the pie after everyone else has taken their piece.

There you have it – a crisper, plagiarism-free breakdown of these key financial terms. Remember, the more you understand your business's language of money, the better equipped you are to make it thrive!