Any suggestions on how to know when to sell off stocks or mutual funds?

We mostly are peculiar before buying and after buying it lies in our portfolio for eternity as we dont get time from our profession to keep tracking so many stocks and mfs regularly

Puneet Gupta

KF Rookie
Hey Pahulpreet,

If you have good stocks in your portfolio and you are an investor you don't need to sell these stocks because when you buy any stock you are the owner of that company if you own a good company and you know this company s giving you good return why you want to see these stocks. And in case of Mutual funds if your goal is achieved by these mutual funds you can sell them as your goals are already achieved
No I mean how can I track if the company is still performing good any easier way to know? Reading financial statements every quarter or checking parameters for all stocks if bit time consuming


KF Rookie
Yup its time consuming thats why I planned to invest in mutual funds you can take a look into zerodha's smallcase in which experts take a small charge to recommend you which stocks to buy and sell according their analysis and market conditions it will be very easy for you else mutual funds are also there.