As a student how we manage our finances


KF Mentor
I think as a student the main thing you can do is to keep track of your expenses. Check if you are not spending too much on non-essential things.
Second, you should try to build an income source. You have lots of time. Try to gain some skill and use it to earn.


KF Rookie
1. Just track expenses if someone is not good at managing their budget, prioritize expenses, which are the most important ones.
2. For safe investments in the equity market, one can apply for good IPOs and sell them on the listing day. When you do not have enough knowledge of how the market works, is this company really good for short- to long-term investments or not? Yes, it is very hard to get an allotment, but it is kind of safe.
3. Passive income is good you can get it but need to figure it out, about skill sets required, market of it, and time management with studies, because in general when a student started earning, he started to lose grip on studies.