Axis Bank ATLAS Card Review: Benefits & Rewards


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Hello, this is a detailed review of The Atlas Credit Card by Axis Bank which is a traveler's dream, falling into the category of a travel credit card. With a versatile reward rate ranging from 2% to an impressive 10%, it's tailored for those who often indulge in direct hotel and airline spending.


While the annual fee of The Atlas Credit Card is Rs. 5,000 + GST, the perks are substantial. A welcome 5,000 Edge Miles (equivalent to Rs. 10,000) starts your journey and for the renewal fee of Rs. 5,000 + GST, the benefits range from 2,500 to 10,000 Edge Miles, based on your
spending tier.


Instead of the usual "Edge Rewards," the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card introduces something special under the name of "Edge Miles," in which for every Rs. 100 that you spend in your everyday life, you get 2 Edge Miles. Moreover, whenever you indulge in the Axis Travel Edge portal or make direct transactions with airlines and hotels, side by side gain 5 Edge Miles every Rs 100. It makes your routine buys and travel adventures into these valuable Edge Miles.


When it comes to redeeming your hard-earned Edge Miles with the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card, there are two straightforward paths, each with its charm:
Redeem on the Travel Edge Portal (1:1 for flights and hotels): Opting for simplicity, this option offers a hassle-free 1:1 conversion rate for your Edge Miles when booking flights or hotels on the Travel Edge Portal. While it's convenient, the catch is that the value isn't as spectacular compared to the alternative.
Transfer Edge Miles to Airline/Hotel Partners: Your Edge Miles through partner airlines and hotels, can be redeemed with which you get to unlock hot deals. Let's break down the conversion rates:
  • All airlines and hotels (except Marriott Bonvoy): 1:2
  • Hotels: IHG & ITC: 1:2
  • Hotel: Marriott Bonvoy: 2:1
  • Airlines: United, Singapore Airlines, Turkish, Etihad, Qatar, Air France, Ethiopian, Vistara, and SpiceJet: 1:2
A nifty trick for Marriott enthusiasts is to first transfer your points to ITC and then to Marriott (2 ITC points = 3 Marriott Bonvoy points) but keep in mind that this has a cap of 60,000 points annually.

Milestone Benefit:​

Let's break down the numbers when you manage "regular" spending totaling 15 lakhs with the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card. In this scenario, you will view 40,000 Edge miles in your account. Now, the exciting part is assigning a value to these Edge miles. If, from here, we take a conservative approach, these Edge miles can easily be valued at 80,000 INR. But for the traveler who knows how to find the airline's sweet spot, that value can rise to INR 1,60,000. In terms of reward rates, this translates to a pretty impressive range of 5.3% to an astounding 10.6%. But it's important to note that milestone benefits don't consider wallet and rental spending. So, your everyday expenses can lead to fantastic rewards, but those specific categories won't contribute to hitting those spending thresholds for additional perks.

Membership Tiers:​

Depending on the spending capacity, membership tiers include:
  • Silver (below Rs. 7.5 lakh)
  • Gold (Rs. 7.5 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs)
  • Platinum (Rs. 15 lakhs and above)

Airport Services:​

With the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card, your airport experience gets a personalized touch, offering exclusive services depending on your membership tier.
Those in the Gold Tier get two complimentary meet-and-greet services, making your airport journey less hectic. Once you reach the Platinum level, you'll receive four meet and greets and two complimentary airport transfers.

Airport Lounge Access:​

The Airport lounge experience depends upon your travel tier and also at the high tier you can have extra guests accompany you on your travel

Silver Tier: 8 domestic visits, 4 international visits Gold Tier: 12 domestic visits, 6 international visits
Platinum Tier: 18 domestic visits, 12 international visits

Now for the good news: these visits extend to the primary cardholder and any guests traveling with you. It's like a VIP treatment to your companions, creating an overall atmosphere of luxury.


  • Flexible tiered system
  • Delight in competitive reward rates, especially when spending in specific categories that resonate with your lifestyle.
  • Guests can also get complimentary lounge access at nominal charges.


  • While the Travel Edge portal is convenient, it might not always be the go-to for maximizing rewards.
  • Options for waiving renewal fees are limited, so consider your preferences carefully.
  • The reward system has its separate Edge Miles balance, which might require a bit of getting used to, but once you've got the hang of it, the perks are worth it.

Overall Take:​

If you're into travel, the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is like the MVP. It's got this cool-tiered thing going on, making it perfect for folks who want awesome perks without going broke. The card's design is pretty stylish and attractive, giving off those premium vibes without breaking the bank. The tier system is like a secret club – the more you spend, the more the card hooks you up, turning every expense into a step toward your next adventure. And let's not forget the airport perks – a total game-changer for those who dig a smooth and fancy travel experience.