Axis bank charges!


KF Ace
I opened a savings account with Axis Bank on 4th Dec 2023. I was charged Rs. 590 for the debit card issuance fee. On 21st Jan 2024 I was charged another Rs. 590 for the annual fee. This means I was charged Rs. 590 for one month as annual fees, which seems unusual. I checked my statement today and noticed this. Is it okk??
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Yes.. different bank have different policies for different cards. Here bank charged you joining fee and annual fee which is alright. Next time before applying for any credit card or debit card ask them for annual fee and joining fee.
Some bank do not charge joining fee. Thank you
It seems like you have been charged twice for the same debit card. According to the Axis Bank website, the issuance fee and the annual fee for a debit card are the same. However, the annual fee should be charged only after one year of usage, not after one month. This could be a mistake or a technical glitch on the bank’s part. You should contact the Axis Bank customer care and raise a complaint about this issue. You can call them at +91 22 6798 7700 or email them at You can also visit the nearest Axis Bank branch and talk to a representative. You should have your account details, debit card number, and statement handy when you contact them. You may be eligible for a refund or a waiver of the extra charge.
First 590 was for the debit card charges which comes in the kit when you open an account along with the cheque book and account details, another 590 might be for the AMC which is annual maintenance charges for the debit card which will be charged on an yearly basis.... If you dont need debit card on a normal basis then you can discontinue it if you dont wanna pay 590 every year....