AXIS bank Mobile Banking application Log in issue


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Previously I had savings accounts in Axis Bank which now inoperative or closed. Earlier My mobile number was associated with two different customer IDs of axis bank as my mobile number was given at the time of opening a savings account with Axis Bank for my wife . But I changed the mobile Number in my wife's account to cut off the customer id from my mobile number. Now my mobile number is connected with only one customer id of axis bank and only one credit card of Axis Bank. But I can't login in axis mobile bank application to access my credit card. I went several times to axis bank branch. They also can't solve the log in issue. I am getting the following message during login, though I am not given to select any option regarding customer id (please refer to the attachment).
Please help me regarding this 🙏.


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I think you need to activate the netbanking again. This might be the solution because don't know the whole scenario. Mail to bank customer support with the issue that Bank branch is not solving this issue


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I can login into internet banking with the same customer id associated with my credit card through browser to access my credit card but cannot login through mobile banking application.