Cred Mint & Cred flash


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Hi there everyone, I jus came across Cred Mint and Cred Flash Features in my cred app do anyone know what they are, how to use them & are they secure and what are the hidden charges/ drawbacks of these features.
Thanks in advance

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Hey Ganesh! Thank you for the kind words :)

Have been using CRED Mint from the past 6-7 months, happy to share my thoughts on that.

CRED Mint is a P2P product from CRED which offers upto 9% Interest Rates. Inherently P2P investments are very high risk but on CRED Mint these are relatively low risk because of the quality of people in the community (CREDIT Score of > 750). Haven't faced a single payment default or delay till now - but can't be sure it'll be like this in the future.

With Interest Rates being where they are right now, I feel you can easily get that kind of Interest Rates while taking very little risk by investing in FDs of Small Finance Banks (Amount upto 5 Lakhs is 100% protected by RBI). So as of this moment it may not make a lot of sense to go for P2P investing offering 9% Interest Rate

Happy Investing :)