Credit card closure

Manoj Kohli

KF Expert
CIBIL Score has 1 factor 'Credit History' which is more or less related to your query. As per various studies, if you have a Credit History of more than 5 years, you get rated excellent in this parameter. This Credit History could pertain to anything - Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Loan, Car Loan, etc.

To answer your query - if you have multiple Credit Cards which are more than 5 year old and you close one of these cards, then Closing one of these Cards is not going to impact your Credit Score in any way. However if you don't have a vintage of more than 5 years and you go ahead and close the Credit Card, your Credit/ CIBIL Score may be impacted (provided you don't have any other type of Credit History with the Bank).

Hope that answers your query


KF Mentor
Will closing credit card affect my cibil score?
Even if you close it will be shown in the closed card section.

I Closed 3 of my card more than 5years old and they are still shown in my "closed accounts" section, and My credit age displayed with inclusion of my oldest credit card.