Credit card for normal usage along with fuel

Hello all,

I am looking to buy a new credit card. But i have noticed that most of the credit cards do not offer any rewards on fuel. They just offer fuel surcharge waiver.

I do not want to buy fuel credit cards as there are lot of terms and conditions for them such as the petrol pump has to be in their list, the swipe machine needs to be of their bank etc.

Can you suggest a good credit card which also offers reward points on fuel? Except the fuel credit cards.


KF Rookie
You can also go for Kotak IOC and Axis IOC card. I have been using standard chartered titanium for years. It hardly gies only 200 per month. But now it's ltf. You also have citi bank IOC which I am using. It gives unlimited but 2.5% where as standard chartered is 5% which includes 1% fuel surcharge