Credit Card to Bank Account Money Transfer


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What are some unique ways to transfer Balance from Credit Card to Bank Account with ZERO Charges? Ideally without using any 3rd party apps

P.S- Best answer/s will be featured in bekifaayati's YT Video on same topic :)


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I have noticed that among all the credit cards HSBC will not charge processing fee on rent pay via cred app. Although it's not comes in zero charges category, but as compare to other cards it is cheaper:)


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Hey bro just connect rupay card to upi and than make fi bank account and add money through it
Dear Sagar,

Thanks for the tip. I tried the procedure and money added successfully for the first time, but after that it failed everytime. Unable to add money through UPI from rupay credit card to Fi account.

Can you suggest what to do or are you able to add money everytime. Please share further.