Credit cards annual fee


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I have a citi credit card which doesnot have any reasonable benefits but it has an annual fee. I am not sure what to do if i want to close the credit card it has the longest credit history. Not sure what to do. Any ideas?

I have other hdfc credit cards which has good benefits and no annual fee


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You can close it if you want to or negotiate with customer care that I'm closing it. They might waive off the fees


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try to downgrade your credit card to one has no annual fees or lesser annual fees so you will benefit from both no credit score degradation and no/less annual fees. If there isn't any credit card like that then you have to decide yourself only does the annual fees worth to save your credit score if not then go ahead and close it.


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If your other cards credit age is more than 5years then closing it will not affect much.
But still you first let the customer care know that you decided they will surely arrange something.
If not making LTF they may atleast refund latest annual charges.
So worth a try
Customer retention is not Citi's forte. You put in a request, they'll process it promptly. By the way, Citi is very forthcoming in waiving the annual charges. Have a word with their customer support.