Exploring RUPAY Credit Cards: Your Feedback Matters


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At the heart of modern finance, RUPAY credit cards have emerged as a game-changer. We're excited to hear your thoughts and experiences with these innovative cards.

1. Your Personal Journey: We're eager to hear about your unique experiences with RUPAY credit cards.

2. In the Spotlight: Share your candid impressions and opinions on your RUPAY credit card.

3. RUPAY and UPI Integration: Explore how RUPAY seamlessly integrates with UPI and its role in your daily life.

4. Honest Feedback: Tell us about any challenges or drawbacks you've encountered.

5. Card of Choice: Lastly, let us know which RUPAY credit card you're currently using.

Your valuable feedback will be a guiding light for both current and potential RUPAY cardholders.
I have an IDFC Wealth Visa card and the bank issued me a digital rupay card on shared limit.
It is seamless with UPI. I've been using that only to keep my bank statements clean ;)
As far as Rewards goes, it is pretty useless.
I feel the only use of rupay credit cards is to simply make payments and pay the CC bill at the end, no gain no loss.
I have opted for the Rupay variant of my existing credit card. It was pre-approved in my account with NO joining fee and annual fee.

This credit card shares the existing card limit.

The UPI and credit card integration is practical and easy to use. In your UPI app, select the bank and it will fetch your Rupay credit card for you. It is nice and user-friendly. I use it almost every day for spending. I have even started paying my Panipuri bills with Rupay credit cards. :)

There are some drawbacks. They can apply to every other credit card, not just limited to RUPAY. Like, even if I spent the current month's paycheck on other things, I have already started spending my next month's paycheck with these small payments. I have stopped thinking once or twice before making these small payments since I do not have to pay them instantly. But somewhere I do forget that it will go from my pocket only, just a month late. It results in unnecessary spending. These small payments will create a huge bill. :cry:

I am not sure whether the one I am using is the best since I haven't compared the Rupay card variants in the market.