Hdfc Infinia credit card. Salary and other eligibility criteria

Hi, if anyone is having a HDFC Infinia credit card, please share the eligibility criteria and minimum salary required. Also I heard that it is possible to get a life time free Infinia credit card, please share your experiences regarding the same


KF Mentor
You need to have a existing hdfc credit card with credit limit of 8 lac or more and salary of 120000 or more.
One correction.
Credit Limit >= 8 lakhs
Salary >= 40 lakhs

Also, this is an invite-only credit card. So, the only way you can get this card is to get another HDFC credit card and actively use it. Then, wait for the upgrade offer.


KF Rookie
See it’s an invite only card but bank has their own criteria. 40 lakhs ITR and 8 L limit is one way but however it depends from case to case. One can even get it with a salary less than 1.5L a month . Depends on your relationship with the bank. Also, for a lifetime free infinia an approval from group head is required ( This is a single person managing entire india from a branch banking perspective ) .