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Hi All,

I have a home loan with NBFC (BHFL). During loan sanction I made my father as co-applicant as well as joint owner of property.
My father is retired senior citizen so now when I'm trying to transfer my home loan to any other bank they are rejecting application because co-applicant profile.
I wanted to know if we can change co-applicant for home loan. If yes, do I need to change joint owner of property as well.

If anyone can share any insights on this topic, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Was he still working when you took the home loan initially? What i'm trying to ask - is there a change in the risk profile of your father from when you took the loan intially to now?


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You can simply ask the Bank/ NBCF reason for rejection. They will specifically point out the issue with the application

To answer your 1st question, I don't think you can change the co-applicant without changing the ownership. Both go hand in hand.

If I may ask, what is the reason for Home Loan Balance Transfer?