How to create assert from the money you have in bank account like 10 lac ? Please read description

I'm beginner in finance, I wanted to understand this debt, when the people like Robert says i dont pay taxes i use debt to create assert.
I have money such as 10 lac, i thought of taking loan as my salary is good, it can be a property loan which comes at 8-9% . and I have that 10 lac money, which i've intested in 12% club like Xtra. where i may get 10k intrest per month.
My Question is , will it be good go proceed ahead. ?
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What Robert says sounds good in theory but may not be suitable for everyone. Before thinking of taking debt, you should know what your risk appetite is. I've seen a lot people are not comfortable with the mental burden of taking a loan and getting stuck in EMIs for the next 15-20 years.

In addition, there are lot of market risks while investing in Real Estate - Market Risk, Builder Risk, Govt Policy Risk, etc. I would suggest to go a little deeper, and study as much as you can before taking the final plunge