Is NBFC safe ?


KF Rookie
Hi there,
I am currently looking for Home Loan nearby my current Home. nearby the area I am familiar with
but the issue is Property mapping hasn't been done in my location.
I am based in Delhi. so I am only left with NBFC's so I am thinking of going with Bajaj or Tata Capital
any one of you have gone with any NBFC's for home loan ? if yes please share your experience
I wanna know how their floating interest works? and what Interest rate do they have at the moment

really looking forward to see some replies here :)


KF Mentor
The most important thing might be is that they won't be able to offer you the interest rate that is offered by govt or private banks. But surely, it will be easier for you to get loan from NBFCs. You must make sure that there is zero forclosure fees that would make a big difference