Loan pre closer


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I bought a mobile on 19 oct from jio mart NCE, then I want to close my EMI next day I call the and said "I want to close my lone " and he said "your lone will be closed, you have to pay x amount in 24 hours" I said ok . Then i send my x amount through UPI on 22 oct and I call them again I to confirm, then(my bill generated on 23) I see on my card application the loan was there and Frist EMI is one the bill with interest I call them again and he said your loan are not closed and and the amount you paid is settled on you bill not in pre closed and they said now you have pay again. I said I closed my loan on 20 otc they said there are some technical issues we can't do anything.
So now what I can do ? Please help me 🙏


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This is the reason NOC is so important. You can complaint about it to bank customer care or RBI complaints as well