Pnb insurance scam


KF Rookie
Hi, I'm a student. i had an account in pnb bank account from 8 years but suddenly a debit of 168 rupees happed in the name of the pnb gpa and when I went to my bank after a very large throwing of me from one couter to another they said bank is providing insurance and when i argued too and threatened to close the bank account they said give a application to refund and we will refund your money and close the yearly insurance. I had never applied for any insurance and nor i was asked to opt in for a insurance ever. It's been more than 1 month and my money is not refunded and no response from the Bank. Should i wait more or should i report it to rbi ombudsman. Will reporting to rbi ombudsman help. I more concerned about the yearly perpetual nature of the policy which i don't even is about what thing and of how much rupees. I don't even know full form of the pnb gpa. Or the better thing will be to just do the balance zero and leave the account? I never understood how government bank employee are able to activate the insurance schemes of the customers without consent.


KF Mentor
Reporting to RBI will definitely help you. I have seen some cases where people actually got help from it. They must have mentioned in the terms and conditions. Banks are really becoming clever about it