Saving account reported as Overdraft account to credit companies.


KF Expert
Here is the fact, I am using HDFC Bank account since 12 yrs and Bank Of Maharashtra account since last 6 yerars, In 2015 I have not used both the accounts for 6 months which caused non maintenance charges and went into negative balance. I am checking CIBIL report today and found that both accounts reported as overDraft account.

I have raised an dispute and same has been removed from the CIBIL report.

it is humble request for everyone to check there CIBIL report frequently.


KF Ace
Good job on getting this fixed!

A lot of other people might allow overdraft facility on their accounts by mistake. If that is the case, the banks have to report to CIBIL. CIBIL will not be able to change it if it is really an overdraft account. In that case, I suggest going to the bank, and telling them to change the accounts to regular Savings accounts, and to close the overdraft accounts.

That will cause it to be marked as "Closed" on the CIBIL report.