Sbi cashback card doubt and fuel related cards doubt.

Hello guys,

I have two doubts.
1. I have applied for SBI CASHBACK CREDIT CARD online. But i read somewhere that these cards are not valid for offers that we get on festive offers on amazon or flipkart. I mean on big billion or great indian sale. Is it true? Coz amazon this year had 10% off on sbi card. Is this card valid for that?

2. I am planning to buy a fuel related credit card. My doubt is, does it provide cashback on all petrol pumps? I mean if i buy a sbi BPCL card, will it provide cashback on all BPCL petrol pumps? Also, is there a condition like that the swipe machine has to be of SBI bank for the cashback?


KF Mentor
Point 1 Answer:
Yes, SBI Cashback CC is not applicable for the 10% off offer on Big Billion and other sales. You can check that in the offer details of Amazon, Flipkart etc.


KF Expert
1. 10% Cash back of festival will not be provided. But 5% always.
2. There are some conditions in it.
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