Subject: Seeking Recommendations for Entry-Level Credit Card


KF Rookie
Hi everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently exploring options for an entry-level credit card as a fresher with a monthly salary ranging from 15k to 20k. I have a good credit score, having used BNPL services responsibly and never missing a due date.

I would greatly appreciate your insights and recommendations regarding credit cards that align with my salary range and usage. I am particularly interested in cards with low annual fees, suitable for someone starting out, and offering benefits or cashback on everyday expenses such as groceries and fuel.

If you have had positive experiences with specific credit cards or have any advice on what to look for in this situation, I would be grateful for your guidance.

Thank you in advance for sharing your valuable insights!


KF Mentor
I would suggest you get yourselves three cards:
1. Airtel Axis Bank CC:
You must have utility bills like electricity, gas, and phone recharge. This card gives 10% cashback on utility bills and 25% on Airtel recharges. This will help you save every month.
This card has an annual fee of Rs. 499 but you can save much more than that annually.

2. Amazon Pay ICICI CC:
Since you are using BNPL services, you must have online expenses. This card is best for that. It gives 5% unlimited cashback. Plus it is Lifetime Free.