Unnecessary charges from SBI


KF Mentor
Hello Friends,

Last month I have used SBI Irctc card and made a transaction. Also paid the total bill amount to SBI and everything is clear. Now surprisingly I got to bill from sbi with an amount of 419 which I have to pay. I dont know why they have asked for the amount to pay. I called the customer care and asked for the unnecessary charges in the statement ( worst service of customer care from sbi these days). They replied that they have mistakenly given some 419 points on behalf of the last month transaction. For which they have charged the amt.
I said if you have mistakenly credited the points redeem from the card simply, why asking for the charges? They told me to hold so that they can check and they never come back on call, most of the time they replied no voice coming or voice disturbances from their side,disconnect the call, etc. No valid reason and resolution on the charges they are asking to pay.

Has anyone any idea what should I do next?


KF Rookie
First, submit a written complaint to the bank manager and ask for acknowledgement of receipt of same (preferably on a photocopy of the application). If refused, escalate to branch head.

If they still don't take ant action then you can reach out to RBI ombudsmen. Without proof that you have reached the bank, even RBI wont help.

From personal experience, written complaints help as banks have to take action.