Yes Bank build your own credit card


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Someone claiming yes Bank agent urged me to apply for yes Bank build your own credit card. She also claimed it to be a lifetime free card. But she did not disclose me about its monthly plan charges and my card was approved. Now from the welcome kit I come to know it comes with a monthly fees of Rs 49 plus gst. What should I do?


KF Ace
As far as i can understand from your query, Its Tailor-made card like AU lite, which will charge you as per benefit you avail., here its 49+GST which is effectively expensive even when compared with 499+GST fees for basic cards.

There are two options, you can connect with specific Bank and ask the time period post which you can close the credit card as in within One month or three months from date of activation of card and bear the charges for that period, eventually closing your card
If you don’t activate a credit card within a certain timeframe (typically 45 to 60 days depending on the issuer) and don’t use it, your account may be closed automatically and be reported as ‘closed by credit grantor’, which could have a negative impact on your credit score (Credit score will decline and have a negative review, which you should avoid)
In the period of 45-60 Days bank executive may reach you to activate the card or check for issue if any.


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As right pointed out, this card seems to be in direct competiton with AU Lite Credit Card. You need to compare the benefits Yes Banks is offering in comparison to AU Lite Card, since Yes Bank is slightly expensive.