Hacked wallet

Basically I am in crypto for 3 4 years only doing airdrops(earning money without investment) and use that money to trade to earn more
So now I fu**ed my wallet hacked so now I have to start from again zero any way to earn from zero i am only 21 years old student any recommendations I love to do anything without blogging affiliate marketing as that is too too competitive to get a client 😃🥺
Any recommendations guys plzzz where I can earn money with zero money
Because you have already knowledge about airdrops you can again start and find new projects who airdrop tokens for performing actives like testing test nets, playing games, promoting project on twitters etc

also if your wallet was hacked, learn about wallet security so in future you don't face same type of issue

Next two years will be good for you, if you start now, crypto projects are getting a fresh start now


KF Ace
I would suggest you to please put some of your money in crypto space, like 5000 or 3000. By doing this a self accountability will develop because before taking any step you will thing at least twice that whether my money will be safe or not.

Learn about hot wallets and cold wallets and how security and ownership works in crypto exchanges, hot wallets, cold wallets, applications.

You can again go for air drops but first put some money from your pocket.

Happy Investing.