How to complaint to RBI

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Hey mates,
I am MR. I live in Gujarat. So In month of February i tried to book ticket on GSRTC using Omnicard App. Amount debited from my account but not received by GSRTC so my ticket wasn't booked. I tried to contact OMNICARD as well as GSRTC tey said that amount will be refunded in 30-40 days but now till November amount not credited in my account and now OMNICARD CSR also not replying properly.

So what should I do now?
How to File a complaint in RBI.

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RBI has an online complaint management system called the "RBI CMS" (Complaint Management System). Go to the RBI CMS portal (RBI Complaint Management System). register & then log in, select the type of complaint, fill your details and submit. If you prefer to file your complaint offline, you can send a written complaint to the RBI's Consumer Education and Protection Department as well. Thanks
Apologies for the situation you're facing. Here are the necessary steps to address your concerns adequately:

  1. Communicate with Omnicard and GSRTC
  • Email & Call: Maintain communication with both Omnicard and GSRTC, documenting all interactions, such as dates, times, and customer service representatives' names.
  • Written Complaint: Send a formal complaint to both entities via registered mail for a documented record.
  1. Engage Your Bank
  • Dispute the Transaction: Report the issue to your bank and initiate a transaction dispute. Banks usually have procedures for resolving such matters.
  • Request a Chargeback: Seek a chargeback for the transaction by providing relevant details and communication records with Omnicard and GSRTC.
  1. Register a Complaint with RBI
  • Online Submission: File a complaint with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through the Banking Ombudsman Scheme by following these steps:
    1. Access RBI CMS Portal: Visit the RBI Complaint Management System (CMS) website.
    2. Create an Account & Log In: Register on the portal if needed and log in.
    3. Submit Your Complaint: Adhere to instructions for filing a complaint, including providing essential information and uploading relevant documents.
  1. Approach Consumer Court
  • Under Consumer Protection Act: File a complaint in the Consumer Court under this act if you haven't received satisfactory service.
  • Process:
    1. Draft a Detailed Complaint: Outline your issue, transaction amount, and desired compensation.
    2. Submission of Complaint: Lodge the complaint at the relevant consumer forum like the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in Gujarat.
    3. Legal Guidance: Consider seeking legal counsel during this process.
  1. Use Social Media for Escalation
  • Publicly raising issues on social media can prompt faster responses from companies. Utilize platforms like Twitter or Facebook to share your concerns and tag Omnicard and GSRTC.
  1. Report to NPCI
  • Given Omnicard's involvement in digital payments, consider reporting the issue to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Steps to Lodge a Complaint:​

  1. Record Keeping: Document all transactions, communications, and resolution attempts.
  2. Present Supporting Evidence: When submitting complaints, ensure all pertinent evidence is included.
  3. Maintain Follow-Up: Regularly check on your complaints' progress with relevant authorities or organizations.
Following these steps should facilitate the resolution of your concerns professionally.