"Indie" by IndusInd

INDIE by IndusInd is a new mobile banking app .The app provide users with insights into their spending habits and financial goals.
  • Instant line of credit: Users can get an instant line of credit of up to ₹5 lakh, but it comes with a lot of terms and conditions
  • Transparent rewards program: you can earn rewards on their spending at select merchants, and you can choose which brands you want to earn rewards from. this is similar to hubble or cred.
  • Personalized financial insights: The app provides users with insights into your spending habits, financial goals, and savings opportunities.
  • Hyper-personalized experience: The app uses advanced analytics to provide users with personalized insights and recommendations.
  • Easy to use: The app UI/UX is great and the reviews related to it are positive
  • Wide range of features: The app offers a wide range of features, including savings account, fixed deposit, instant credit line, rewards program, and stock broking.
  • New app: INDIE is a new app, so it is still under development. There may be some bugs or glitches. its too early to give a detailed review
  • Limited availability: INDIE is currently only available to a limited number of users.
  • Some features may require additional fees: Some features on the app, such as stock broking, may require additional fees

There are so many features that this app can be a bit overwhelming at first, and managing all the features would be a huge task for the IndusInd Bank team. However, if they are able to do it successfully, it could be a game-changer.

I have collected the information from the web and youtube videos, have personally not tried or tested it


KF Rookie
I am an Indie by Indusind bank customer and it isn't as good.

1) You will be upgraded to the Megastar tier once you have an initial deposit of 50k but now you have to either maintain 50k AMB or 2lk FD in the account to be Megastar or else you will be downgraded to Superstar. I don't think it's worth keeping that much money in this account only for Megastar.

2) You do not get any net banking facility I.e. you can only access the account from your smartphone either through Upi or Indie application. I even tried the digital rupee but it didn't work. So in case you want to access the account anywhere else you cannot do that.

3) The rewards and accelerated cashback are not too great as you may get better rewards with the traditional Indusind bank account's debit card.

1) It is easy to open and everything is on your phone. I would prefer this over any other Payment Bank.
2) You can do an FD with as low as INR 1000 which in my opinion is good as instead of keeping money in a savings account you can make multiple FDs of 1000 each and use it accordingly.
3) The credit card bill payment offer going on is great but you need to have 10 different credit card or 10 different utility billers or their combination to get the maximum benefit. It also depends on your Account tier.

So in summary, I would rather go for a normal Indusind Bank savings account and they offer it but just charge the debit card fees which is worth the features you get.