New credit card issue


KF Rookie
Currently I'm using icici bank platinum credit card it has zero joining and zero annual fee.....but I want to move to IDFC first bank wow credit the question is if I issued a new credit card and don't contine with old credit card (icici credit card) then my credit score will be decline becoz of I'm using min. 10% of credit limit.
So Is there any any way how can I issue new Credit card without closing or using old credit card without impacting my credit history
If your previous credit card has zero joining and annual fees, then there is no need to close. In fact, keeping it open will help increase your credit score in the long run. This is because one of the factors that credit bureaus consider when calculating credit scores is the average age of credit accounts. The longer you have open credit accounts, the higher your average age of credit, which can boost your credit score.

Additionally, having multiple credit cards can also help improve your credit score, as long as you manage them responsibly. This is because credit bureaus look at your credit utilisation ratio, which is the amount of credit you are using divided by the total amount of credit available to you. A lower credit utilisation ratio is better, and having multiple credit cards can help you keep your credit utilisation ratio low.

Therefore, you should keep your ICICI Platinum credit card open and apply for the IDFC First Bank WOW credit card. This will give you a variety of credit cards to choose from and will also help to improve your credit score and get more offers.